Seamless Super Stretchy High Waist Sport Leggings for Women

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  • GenderWomen
  • Item Type: Leggings
  • MaterialNylon, Spandex
  • Closure TypeElastic Waist
  • Pant Length: Full Length
  • Package Includes: 1 Pair
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High Waist Sport Leggings for Women

To be completely at ease during exercises, find the best Dim Sport black leggings with a nylon-cotton blend. This women’s sportswear quickly follows your motions during health activities, like fitness or yoga. The lightweight, breathable and flexible polyester and nylon-cotton blend fabric drys quickly, absorbs sweat, and dries naturally. The moisture-wicking technology keeps moisture away from sensitive areas, while the elasticated waistbands and stretchy comfort paneling hold up to extended wear.

  • Item Type: Leggings
  • Gender: Women
  • Material: Nylon, Spandex
  • Closure Type: Elastic Waist
  • Pant Length: Full Length
  • Package Includes: 1 Pair

Size Info:

Size Waist (cm/inch) Hip (cm/inch)
S 58-68 / 22.8-26.8 84-96 / 33.1-37.8
M 68-76 / 26.8-29.9 90-102 / 35.4-40.2
L 74-82 / 29.1-32.3 96-106 / 37.8-41.7

Many of these yoga leggings are made of 100% nylon and spandex to make them flexible and comfortable to wear anywhere. Some of the most popular styles include the tank, boatneck, high-low, boot cut, and the sweetheart. The tank and high-low styles are great for going to the gym or performing yoga on the beach. The boot cut is usually for use in colder weather when you want to look professional and stylish.

There’s no need to go searching for yoga pants because sports leggings can do all that. It’s easy to wear them and they’re a practical solution to carrying around gym clothes. They can go with just about any outfit, including cute tank tops and shorts. Because they have such a casual look, sports leggings are great to pair with short skirts and hot pants for a fun twist on the classic gym outfit. For an added twist, try combining the sports leggings with a flowing long top, like a romper.

The sport leggings are made with a soft, breathable material that drapes and smoothes the legs and bottom. Many come in a variety of bright colors to compliment the yoga or fitness outfit. If you’ve ever tried wearing a pair of sport shorts with a skirt, you know how difficult it can be to keep your cool when you have to try not to fall. In addition, sports leggings can provide a bit more coverage than shorts. While shorts cover the majority of the leg, sports leggings frame the ankle and can help prevent a shirt from rolling up and bunching at the top of the hips. Sport leggings give you the option of staying cool during your workout without sacrificing style!

When you’re looking for a new yoga accessory, sports leggings are definitely worth taking into consideration. They make a great addition to any yoga wardrobe and you can find so many fun and funky designs to choose from. There are a variety of patterns available to choose from and each pattern has a unique color or design. Whether you’re looking for basic sports leggings or leggings with cartoon or movie characters, you’ll find plenty of fun options. Whether you’re at a studio class or at home doing yoga, these leggings are sure to get you noticed!

Another fun way to wear sports leggings is to pair them with tank tops. These sport tank tops are often shorter than the typical yoga tank and can easily be pulled off when you are doing other activities. Leggings look great with t-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, or any type of tank top that you are comfortable in. It’s a great way to make a sporty outfit look more casual and accessible all at the same time. The great thing about sport tank tops is that they aren’t as restricted as standard tank tops. You can pull the entire outfit off with a simple change in your shoes.

Most sports leggings are made from a light cotton material that is stretchy, durable, and comfortable. This fabric makes for a very comfortable and flexible pair of leggings to wear. Because they are so flexible, sports leggings will easily stretch to fit you as you move around or exercise. This makes it easy for you to get the most fun out of every activity.

If you are looking for a fun new way to get the most enjoyment out of your daily activities and get a great jump start into your exercise routine, sports leggings are the best option for you. There are a variety of different styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, so you’ll find a great pair for any outfit. They are inexpensive and are great for virtually any type of sport! It’s time to put your jean up and give sports leggings a try!


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