Top 5 Ways: How to Store Clothes Long Term for Future Use

Long term storage of your clothes should be part of your regular inventory. How to store clothes long term is an issue that many people have asked about? Whether you want to know how to store clothes long term for a one-off special occasion or for everyday wear, learning how to store clothes effectively will make it easier for you and your clothes to be comfortable. There are also many different methods available for storing your clothes.

Many people tend to leave their clothes in a wardrobe for long term storage. The idea of storing clothes long term is sensible, it will mean that you do not have to get rid of the clothes to wash them. When you are able to store your clothes without the hassle of washing them every week or even every month, your wardrobe can look more colorful and attractive. This does mean that you have to pay extra attention to how you take care of your clothes. Below we mention for you, the Top 5 Ways to Store Clothes Long Term for Future Use.

01: store clothes in a plastic garment bag

A great way to store clothes long term is in a plastic garment bag. If you do not have a plastic garment bag, then you can use another container like a brown paper sack that will keep your clothes from getting dirty. Once your clothes are in the garment bag they are protected from dust and dampness. You can also put your shoes in the bags too; it is not recommended to wash your shoes in your garment bag as this can cause them to lose color. It is much better to place them in the bags so that they are kept dry and fresh.

If you have a large family, you need to know how to store clothes long term. When you buy clothes for your kids, you will have to store them in plastic bags so that they do not get them dirty. These bags are also useful for washing and storing other items. When you take these bags outside the house, make sure they are fully open so that the kids do not get their hands on them. This will help you avoid having long lines of clothes waiting to be put away when your next child comes home.

02: Storing clothes in a dry area

Storing your clothes in a dry area like a closet helps preserve them. They can also prevent them from being damaged by the weather. An easy way to keep the room temperature correct in the closet is to place a stack of folded clothes on top of each other. If you place your clothes on top of each other, they will not touch or blow each other off. The space between the clothes should be one inch thick.

03: Donate to Local Homeless Shelter

It is important to know how to store clothes long term if you are going to give them to your kids. It is not possible to return them if you give them to your children. You should store the clothes at least for the end of the school year. At this point in time, most schools will ask for donations of clothes. Once you have stored your kids’ clothes for the end of the school year, you can then donate them to your local homeless shelter.

04: Hang up Loosely

If you are going to shop for your kid’s clothes, you should know how to store clothes long term. You should not stack them up in just any old way. It is not good to stack them up because it makes the clothes heavier than they really are. This can make it difficult for them to run around. You should place the clothes on the ground or hang them up loosely.

05: Be Ironed After They Have Been Stored

One last thing you should know about how to store clothes long term is that they need to be ironed after they have been stored. This helps the fabric to breathe so that it does not get all knotted up. The last thing you want is for your kid to catch a cold and catch a fever because he was wearing the wrong kind of clothes. It’s better for the child to catch the flu or cold than to catch a skin disease from the clothes that were not properly ironed. That is why it’s very important for you to know how to store clothes long term.

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